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What to Eat Before and After A Workout In The Morning

If you monitor my articles frequently on Begintrend Health, you’d know I am not one of those coaches who say that food is 90% & training is only 10%. I trust that it is 100% of everything–your exercise, nutrition & recovery that gets you consequences. Your overall diet is of greatest importance but your pre & post workout nourishment can meaningfully influence your exercise.

What Makes A Good Pre-Workout Meal?

A decent pre-workout meal should contain plenty of carbohydrates (30-50g) to fuel you for the exercise. A decent chunk of protein (20-40g) to provide amino acids and some portion fat (10-15g).

For such circumstances, I recommend overwhelming a high very compound carb (100-150g) dinner –oats, rotis, and multi-grain cash are an outstanding choice here. This will confirm your glycogen stores are filled up even if you train fasted or consuming fewer carbs.


If You Lift First Thing in the morning:

Option 1

1 Scoop Whey Protein

1 Scoop Pre Workout or 1 cup strong black coffee

10g Dextrose

10g Nuts

1 Banana

Option 2

1 cup black coffee

White Rice – 60g (raw weight)

Whole Eggs- 2

Egg Whites- 4

Option 3

1 cup black coffee

Brown Bread- 4 Slices

Chicken Ham- 150g

Cheese Slice- 1